Regardless of your reason for divorce, this is an emotional and stressful time. In Canada, there are three grounds for divorce:


Where one spouse has engaged in an affair. In this instance, suspicion alone is not enough for a judge to grant a divorce, and evidence of the infidelity will be required.


The most common ground for divorce is separation, which is when a couple has been living separately and apart for a minimum of one year. This doesn’t have to mean separate homes—separate bedrooms, meal times, and living spaces are also considered to be living apart.


Emotional or physical cruelty indicates a situation where living with the other spouse is intolerable. Evidence of cruelty, which is required for court proceedings, can be difficult to acquire unless the cruelty has escalated to include medical or police reports.

Whatever your reasons are for pursuing divorce, Evolve Family Law is here to support you and strive for an expeditious resolution.