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It's not uncommon for separation matters to cause stress, when this occurs putting your trust in the right lawyer can alleviate the anxiety of what the outcome will be.  Get immediate answers and solutions from trusted and experienced family law lawyers.

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We only practice family law so our awareness, knowledge, and experience in the field is extensive and current.
Narrowing our activity ensures we have a continuous pulse on the latest trends, precedents, and case law, and are at the forefront of new developments in family law and the family courts.

Our flat rate billing with fixed fees create transparency and set clear boundaries for both the price of our legal fees and the scope of our legal work. Unexpected legal fees are eliminated from the Evolve Family Law client experience.


Regardless of your reason for divorce, this is an emotional time. In Canada, there are three grounds for divorce.


It’s not uncommon for separations to cause financial stress. When this occurs the court can remediate the situation with different forms of financial support.

Parenting & Access

Solutions are different for every family and we will navigate unique hurdles, such as long-distance, addictions or special needs.


For those who want special consideration in the event of a death or separation, an interspousal agreement is essential to protecting their interests.


When distributing property in a divorce, the first step is to determine which assets are considered family assets, business assets or individual assets.

Independent Legal Advice

Our office can assist by advising you in relation to an agreement you have already reached with another party.

Adoption & Guardianship

The process of welcoming a child into your home and family is heartwarming, but it can also be challenging when it comes to legal proceedings.

Why we are committed to flat rates

By providing flat (also known as fixed) rate billing we are introducing more certainty respecting your legal journey.
Our business models success relies on quality client experiences not drawn out battles. We advocate for healthy relationships with all parties involved, during and after your legal engagement, and work towards results that keep the best interests in focus.
There are few winners in family law but with compromise and compassion we find lasting resolutions. Our respect for the individual and family is not to be mistaken for weakness. Our legal team negotiates fiercely and has the depth of court and trial experience necessary to confront an unreasonable adversary.

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 Before discussing your matter in any capacity, we must determine if our office has had interactions that could lead to a conflict of interest on your file.

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Get in touch

General Email :

Mainline : +1 (306) 808-2565

Fax line   : +1 (306) 500-9907

Our Hours
MON-FRI 09:00 – 12:00 | 13:00 – 17:00

SAT 10:00 – 14:00 (by appointment)


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