Administrative Assistant

About The Company

Evolve Family Law is a Saskatoon-based systems and technology forward family law firm, meaning we are focused on providing uniquely innovative solutions to better serve our clients, the courts, our profession, and the public and we are hiring! 

About The Job

This post is for an Administrative Assistant, this position sets the tone for and handles many of the clerical and organizational tasks for the company and its leadership staff. The role includes office administrative duties like reception and facilities, as well as personal assisting for the company’s Executives and Lawyers. 

Reception and Facilities Tasks: 

  • Opening and preparation of the office every workday morning at 8:30am. 
  • Welcoming clients and guests; directing, answering, and processing in person, by email, and by telephone. 
  • Acting as the distribution hub for incoming/outgoing information. 
  • Digitizing (scanning), printing, gathering, sorting of documents. 
  • Coordinating team activities. 
  • Picking up and dropping off documents, cheques, etc. 
  • Maintaining office supplies inventory. 
  • Arranging vendors and service providers. 

Personal Assisting Tasks: 

  • Planning and scheduling meetings, conferences, teleconferences, and travel. 
  • Planning personal events. 
  • Transporting children or pets to appointments. 
  • Scheduling personal appointments and meeting personal service providers. 
  • Shopping for groceries, household items, gifts, and more.  

This role demands a high degree of comfort for in-person interactions and those over the telephone. Direct communication is a staple of the position and it will work alongside a wide range of personalities. To excel you should know how to channel a positive attitude through stressful situations. Organizational skills and computer literacy are a must too, and you should be prepared to use Outlook, Word, some Excel, Teams and more. 

If the list below describes you, Evolve Family Law is an ideal place for you. 

  • Like to be front and centre 
  • Manage time like pro 
  • Tech-savvy 
  • Expert Communicator – written and spoken 
  • Natural problem-solver 
  • A quality listener 
  • Have a willingness to go the extra mile 
  • Take personal responsibility
  • Confident 
  • Attentive 
  • Enjoy learning 

Evolve Family Law provided pay range

Evolve Family Law provided pay range 

Your actual pay will be based on your skills and experience — you will be asked about your compensation expectations and only those falling within our specified range will be consider for this position. 

Pay range 

The position is hourly and expected within a pay range of $16-18/hour. 

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Lawyers are assigned based on availability for instant and emergency requests
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Standard booking receives credit card, e-transfer, paypal, debit, cheque, & cash.
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