About Us

Family Law Exclusive

We limit our practice exclusively to family law because we strive to be the most knowledgeable and informed in our field.

Narrowing our activity ensures we have a continuous pulse on the latest trends, precedents, and case law, and are at the forefront of new developments in family law.

Evolve Law offers all of our services unbundled, which means we work on a flat fee system and not an hourly billing system.

Evolve Law places an emphasis on integrating technology into our practice to provide a more efficient and client-centered experience.

Evolve Law is anything and everything family law related.

Our Saskatoon Family Lawyers

Families come to us when most vulnerable, entrusting us to protect the interests of their family, no matter form or state. For us to be open, and in a sense vulnerable, with our fees seems like a fair request we commit to deliver.

Beau Atkins
Founder - Lawyer

Beau Atkins is the founder of Evolve Family Law and one of it’s lawyers. After his own frustrating journey navigating the family justice system, Beau leveraged technology and prioritized it’s weaving into all firm processes, law and business alike, to better serve both his clients and the public.

Beau’s unapologetic push towards flat-rate billing and the unbundling of legal services further supports his efforts. Bonus Fact: He speaks fluent Spanish.


Melissa Nelson

Melissa joined Evolve Law as our first articling student. Born and raised in Welwyn, United Kingdom she made her way to Saskatoon via Kelowna. Armed with an undergrad in Political Studies Melissa convocated from the University of Saskatchewan, College of Law, in June 2020.

While attending U of S College of Law, Melissa enjoyed her time as a CLASSIC Volunteer. She was also recipient of the Mary Y. Carter Scholarship in Family Law. When not in the office Melissa likes to spend her time back in Kelowna, with her significant other and adorable rescue dog.

Matthew Pellerin

Born and raised in Saskatoon, Matthew joined the Evolve team in June after graduating from the U of S College of Law with the class of 2021. Having an understanding of the struggles that families can be faced with, Matthew has always had an interest and passion for family law. His goal is to provide professional service that will help families through those struggles towards a brighter future.

Before going to law school, Matthew spent his undergrad in political studies. Prior to graduating from the College of Law, he enjoyed volunteering for CLASSIC. When not working as a lawyer, Matthew spends his days walking with his dog, immersed in the outdoors, exercising, or reading a good book.

Legal Assistants

Olena Trokhymchuk

Legal assistant

About Olena

Born and raised in Ukraine, Olena and her family moved to Saskatoon in 2008, with her officially becoming a Canadian Citizen in 2019. Olena joined the legal field in spring of 2017 as a high-spirited, hard-working, and detailed Legal Assistant.


When she isn’t working, Olena spends time camping, fishing and baking yummy Ukrainian treats with her husband and wonderful children.

Bonus Fact: She speaks Ukrainian and Russian.

Vincent Yeung

Articling Student

About Vincent

Vincent was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario where he studied law at the University of Ottawa. After graduating with the class of 2021, he later joined the Evolve team in March 2022. Prior to the legal field, Vincent was working for municipalities in the city planning department where he advocated for a greener and more sustainable infrastructure focused on the future.


When not working, he participates in and organizes cycling races, and is captain of his own team. His last biking adventure took him off-road on a 4 day-long, 400 km bikepacking trip.

Administration & Marketing

Bryan Atkins


About Bryan

Bryan is no longer active with the firm, but periodically advises on issues related to process and technology. During the foundational years he contributed as a strategist and initiator, designing, and implementing elements crucial to the firms unique operating procedures and technology stack. Notably leading an accounting system pilot project.


Bryan remains involved in the legal industry as a technology consultant while building a tool called SEEqWHENs, which he hopes will one day transforms knowledge sharing by focusing on standardization, decision architecture, and broad idea integration.

Kemesha Robinson

Accounting Specialist

About Kemesha

Kemesha is a lover of all things numerical hence how she found her place here at Evolve Law as our Accounting Specialist. She arrived here is Saskatoon by way of Maryland, USA, where she studied Accounting and Business. She also studied at the Edwards School of Business.

Kemesha was born in Jamaica so she is an avid lover of the hot summer days. When not at work, she can be found doing loud karaoke or on Facetime with her family back in Jamaica.

Jayda Brimble

Onboarding Specialist

About Jayda

Jayda is a recent graduate of the University of Saskatchewan. Like some of the lawyers here, she aims to turn her undergrad in Political Studies into a Law degree. She loves interacting with people and is often your first point of contact at the firm.


Jayda has a passion for music and an extensive background in the performing arts. When she's not in the office, she's spending time with her friends and family.


Amy Lalonde

Administrative Assistant

About Amy

As Amy works to complete her bachelors in Political Studies at the University of Saskatchewan, she has aspirations of becoming a family lawyer after, making her bring great motivation to her position as an administrative assistant here at Evolve Law.


When not studying for the LSAT, or helping out around the office she can be found at home with her dog or at the lake fishing at any time of the year.

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