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Family lawyers

Family Law Exclusive

We limit our practice exclusively to family law because we strive to be the most knowledgeable and informed in our field.

Narrowing our activity ensures we have a continuous pulse on the latest trends, precedents, and case law, and are at the forefront of new developments in family law.

Evolve Law is anything and everything family law related.

Evolve Law offers all of our services unbundled, which means we work on a flat fee system and not an hourly billing system.

Evolve Law places an emphasis on integrating technology into our practice to provide a more efficient and client-centered experience.


“ Families come to us when most vulnerable, entrusting us to protect the interests of their family, no matter form or state.
For us to be open, and in a sense vulnerable, with our fees seems like a fair request we commit to deliver.”
- Beau Atkins on Flat Rate Billing
Lawyer & Firm Founder
“Many perceive legal proceedings as divisive, and they can be, but if I do my job right, I help people move through the process as smoothly as possible.

In the scenario I guide towards, relationships find a degree of healing where co-parenting can be cohesive and effective.

Fighting for the sake of fighting, or with the goal of hurting one another, does not do anyone any good to and results in significantly less long-term satisfaction.”
- Andrew Arguin on Acting as a Guide