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Expanding your family through adoption is a joyful occasion, but the legal process can be confusing and stressful. It is important to have experienced lawyers representing you.

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Prior to determining what options are available to you in order to move your family law issue forward, it is often necessary to speak with a lawyer to get direction, information and advice.

Our professional services extend across the province, with two Saskatchewan law offices located in Saskatoon, and Regina.

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Evolve Family Law LAwyers

Beau Atkins

Lawyer / Founder

Beau Atkins is the founder of Evolve Family Law and one of it’s lawyers.

After his own frustrating journey navigating the family justice system, Beau leveraged technology and prioritized it’s weaving into all firm processes, law and business alike, to better serve both his clients and the public.

Beau’s unapologetic push towards flat-rate billing and the unbundling of legal services further supports his efforts.

Bonus Fact: He speaks fluent Spanish. 

Andrew Arguin


From Saskatoon, Andrew Arguin appreciates the opportunity family law gives him to help others navigate through what can only be considered as one of the hardest challenges life can present.

Andrew approaches family law with a focus on relationships. He believes in serving the needs of his clients while protecting them from the unnecessary battles that can be avoided with a little counsel, straight talk and sometimes compromise.

Melissa Nelson


Melissa joined Evolve Law as our first articling student. Born and raised in Welwyn, United Kingdom she made her way to Saskatoon via Kelowna. Armed with an undergrad in Political Studies Melissa convocated from the University of Saskatchewan, College of Law, in June 2020.

While attending U of S College of Law, Melissa enjoyed her time as a CLASSIC Volunteer. She was also recipient of the Mary Y. Carter Scholarship in Family Law.
When not in the office Melissa likes to spend her time back in Kelowna, with her significant other and adorable rescue dog.

Frequently asked questions

An adoption is the legal transfer of rights and responsibilities from a birth parent to an adoptive parent through a court proceeding where a judge has determined that an Order of Adoption is in the best interests of the child.

There are five different types of adoption: 

  • Independent or Private Adoptions
  • Step-Parent Adoptions
  • Adult Adoptions
  • Inter-Country Adoptions
  • Permanent Ward Adoptions

An adult adoption is the process in which an individual adopts someone over 18 years old. The only consent required for an Adult Adoption is the consent of the individual being adopted.

An independent adoption occurs when there has been a private arrangement between birth parents and another individual, such as a friend or relative, in which the individual chooses to adopt the birth parents’ child.

A step-parent adoption occurs when a step-parent wishes to adopt their spouse or partner’s birth child. The child must be living with and cared for by the step-parent.

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